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The Board of Directors of the Hobey Baker Memorial Award Foundation are volunteers whose pro bono work is guided by a devotion to college hockey and the ideals of character and service embodied by Hobey Baker.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Hobey Baker Memorial Award Foundation are a group of directors appointed to act on behalf of, and within the powers granted to them by, the board of directors. It consists of a chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary, and treasurer.

Jim Nichols

James L. Nichols, CPA LLC
2003 Committee Chairman

Foundation President

Wally Olson

AbelConn, LLC
2012 Committee Chairman

Foundation Vice President

Lance Madson

Boulay, Heutmaker,
Zibell & Co. P.L.L.P.
2009 Committee Chairman

Foundation Secretary

Jon Doehr

BlackTorch Capital, LLC
2004 Committee Chairman

Foundation Vice President

Jack Almquist

Smith, Schafer and ­
Associates, Ltd. 
1991 Committee Chairman

Foundation Treasurer

HobeyBakerAward Hobey Baker Award HobeyBakerAward

Board Members

The Board Members of the Hobey Baker Memorial Award Foundation are consisting of the members of a board of directors and mandated to carry out specified functions, programs, or projects assigned by the board.

Gary Haugen

Nascent Surgical LLC

2010 Committee Chairman

Jim Martin

Carlson Print Group

2008 Committee Chairman

Hans Skulstad

Center for Sports and the Mind

2013 Committee Chairman

Catie Tobin

RBC Wealth Management

2011 Committee Chair

Dal Holmberg

Holmberg Environmental
Products Corp.

1996 Committee Chairman

Chris Bonnell

Western Governors University

2016 Committee Chairman

John Russo

John P. Russo, P.A.,

2015 Committee Chair

Matt Gilroy

Kontinental Hockey League

2009 Hobey Baker Memorial Award Winner

Honorary (non-voting) Members

Cy Laurent

Advisor to Senior Mgmt.
ALL PROfessional, Inc

1982 Committee Chairman

Doug Faust

Casey, Menden, 
Faust & Nelson P.A.

1990 Committee Chairman

Bob Peters

Honorary Director

Murray Williamson

Honorary Director