Chris Bonnell
2015-2016 Committee Chair

The Hobey Baker Award is planned and implemented by volunteers who are passionate about hockey and committed to the Hobey Baker ideal. Collectively this group is known as The Committee. Each year one of its members is designated to be the Chairman, becoming responsible for ensuring that the Hobey Baker Foundation's programs are the best they can be. Learn more about becoming a volunteer member of The Committee by contacting the Foundation's executive director.


2015 John Russo
2014 Dan Hoene
2013 Hans Skulstad
2012 Wally Olson
2011 Catie Tobin
2010 Gary Haugen
2009 Lance Madson
2008 Jim Martin
2007 Bruce Kubes
2006 Kevin Milbery
2005 Kevin Moquist
2004 Jon Doehr
2003 Jim Nichols
2002 Les Larson
2001 Jack Carlson
2000 Don Gorowsky
1999 John Rendall
1998 Dave Jones
1997 George Konik
1996 Dal Holmberg
1995 Dave Lindberg
1994 Russ Mattson
1993 Greg Schwarck
1992 Burt Dahlberg
1991 Jack Almquist
1990 Doug Faust
1989 Bill Velin
1988 Tom Berkelman
1987 Steve Moosbrugger
1986 Mark Chronister
1985 Jeff Mack
1984 Gary Gandrud
1983 Ron Marien
1982 Cy Laurent
1981 Russ Chance