The Board of Directors of the Hobey Baker Memorial Award Foundation are volunteers whose pro bono work is guided by a devotion to college hockey and the ideals of character and service embodied by Hobey Baker.

  • Jim Nichols

    Jim Nichols

    Eide Bailly, LLP
    2003 Committee Chairman

    Foundation President

  • Jon Doehr

    Jon Doehr

    BlackTorch Capital, LLC
    2004 Committee Chairman

    Foundation Vice President

  • Jack Almquist

    Jack Almquist

    Smith, Schafer and ­
    Associates, Ltd.
    1991 Committee Chairman

    Foundation Treasurer

  • Lance Madson

    Lance Madson

    Boulay, Heutmaker,
    Zibell & Co. P.L.L.P.
    2009 Committee Chairman

    Foundation Secretary

  • Jack Carlson

    Jack Carlson

    Thomsen & Nybeck P.A.

    2001 Committee Chairman

  • Doug Faust

    Doug Faust

    Casey, Menden,
    Faust & Nelson P.A.

    1990 Committee Chairman

  • Gary Haugen

    Gary Haugen

    Nascent Surgical LLC

    2010 Committee Chairman

  • Dal Holmberg

    Dal Holmberg

    Holmberg Environmental
    Products Corp.

    1996 Committee Chairman

  • Jim Martin

    Jim Martin

    Carlson Print Group

    2008 Committee Chairman

  • Kevin Milbery

    Kevin Milbery

    Hagemeyer N.A.

    2006 Committee Chairman

  • Kevin Moquist

    Kevin Moquist

    Moquist Thorvilson Kaufmann
    Kennedy & Pieper LLC

    2005 Committee Chairman

  • Wally Olson

    Wally Olson

    AbelConn, LLC

    2012 Chairman

  • Catie Tobin

    Catie Tobin

    RBC Wealth Management

    2011 Committee Chair

  • Cy Laurent

    Cy Laurent

    Advisor to Senior Mgmt.
    ALL PROfessional, Inc
    1982 Committee Chairman

    Honorary Director

  • Bob Peters

    Honorary Director

  • Murray Williamson

    Honorary Director